Sudoku Tablet

Sudoku Tablet is especially designed for the iPad and offers different Sudoku puzzles. It provides a great user experience by combining the overwhelming display size with an intuitive game play interface.

Play four different Sudoku types or play your favorite sudoku from the newspaper. Double tap on a cell to fill in your own pencil marks or let Sudoku Tablet automatically create the pencil marks for you. Use the hint system to get an advice if you get stuck.

Sudoku Tablet offers the following features:

  • play the traditional Sudoku , Sudoku X, Sudoku Plus, or Samurai Sudoku
  • choose from five difficulty levels
  • enter your own puzzle in the newspaper mode
  • load and save Sudokus (purchased app only)
  • unlimited amount of Sudokus generated on demand (purchased app only)
  • automatic pencil marks that change according to your input
  • incremental help system: shows the next solvable cell or indicates the cell’s correct number
  • highlight row and column of the currently selected cell
  • can show wrong numbers in red
  • zoom and pan Sudoku Samurai
  • beautiful animations
  • progress is automatically saved on exit

If you like Sudoku Tablet you can unlock the load/save function and the puzzle generator for unlimited Sudoku fun via InApp Purchase. The free version offers one Sudoku per type and difficulty level. Furthermore, you can enter your favorite puzzles in the newspaper mode to try Sudoku Tablet with different Sudokus.

I would like to thank Daniel Brooks of TwoKats Studios for his kindly support.